Bitpoint Japanese crypto exchange restarts trading services
The well-known cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint is finally resuming its work after a hack that occurred in mid-July. Recall that last month a hacker attack was carried out on the Bitpoint exchange, attackers managed to steal $28 million. The method and the team of the hack have not yet been disclosed, and the investigation is continuing. On July 16, Bitpoint announced that 50,000 affected customers will receive funds back on a 1:1 basis. Today, August 6, representatives of the exchange said that they re-open withdrawing deposits. All this time, the site’s experts have been analyzing the security of the exchange, and in a result it was decided to refuse to use the hacked wallet. Site services will become available gradually, for example, margin trading will resume on August 9, and spot trading will open on August 13. We want to remind: