BitMEX Crypto Exchange Added New Trading Tools
BitMEX Cryptocurrency Exchange has entered into a partnership with Trading Technologies International (TT). Owing to the cooperation of these two companies, users of the trading platform gained access to advanced tools for trading virtual currencies. TT develops infrastructure for professional traders and brokers. Trading tools consist of 8 elements:
  • Trading platform TT. You can be open it in an Internet browser or install applications on a mobile device or PC.
  • Technology to manage orders. With its help, you can create and conduct trading orders.
  • Analytical materials. On the basis of the TT platform, a system for analyzing the market is implemented, which includes charts of changes in the course of assets and technical indicators.
  • Spread Trading. A tool for trading cryptocurrencies on different exchanges.
  • Trading algorithms. Created to automize trading of virtual currencies. You can use ready-made algorithms or create your own.
  • Options trading. A platform for monitoring and trading in the options market is integrated into the TT system.
  • An application program interface (API). An API has been developed to customize the user interface, as well as to create, test and launch applications.
  • FIX services. Designed to integrate third-party applications into the user interface of the TT platform.
BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes said that adding tools from TT company will expand traders' capabilities and improve the cryptocurrency trading process. Recently, Hayes spoke about the plans of the exchange to develop financial products provided by Bitcoin cryptocurrency, in particular, it is about short-term bonds. BitMEX now is in the first place in terms of trading volume in the cryptocurrency market and wants to strengthen its position regarding its main competitor, the OKEx exchange. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: