Bitfinex New Policy Gives Access to Its Products to a Wider Range of Investors
In addition to giving access to the platform to non-large investors, the crypto exchange Birfinex has implemented a number of important updates aimed at increasing the level of customers’ security and transparency. Registered in British Virgin Islands Bitfinex removed the $10,000 minimum equity requirement for creating an account on the exchange. According to Bitfinex, what underlays this decision is a huge demand from traders who aim to get access to professional trade instruments. However, the limit removal doesn’t imply unrestricted sizes of margin borrows. It is stated on pages of “Terms and Conditions” of Bitfinex that customers can finance only up to 70% of the token cost which was bought on the platform. Otherwise, the exchange can take strict measures against such a trader. Bitfinex also stated that in order to increase the security it has updated its servers. In this way, Bitfinex operations will be made on “self-designed, dedicated servers with premium hardware for advanced security and lowest latency”. Besides, the company plans to improve the process of engagement with customers including the introduction of an automatic response to customer responses to resolve emerging issues more quickly. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: