Bitcoin’s price Increased by More than 800 Million Percent
No asset has such a large increase in value in a relatively short time but Bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency showed a growth of more than 800 million percent in just ten years. Twitter user Saifedean Ammous paid attention to this. He posted on a social network, that the value of Bitcoin has raised by 838,078,685% over the past ten years. He came to this conclusion by making an ordinary mathematical calculation. A batch of 5050 Bitcoins was sold for only $5.02 in October 2009. Today, the same batch of coins costs more than $42.171 million. A deal that happened 10 years ago has been preserved on the blockchain, the observer notes. Even if we take into account a small negative correction of 40%, still, the increase in the cost of Bitcoin amounted to 120% only this year. For some reason, opponents of BTC do not like to talk about such great progress, but systematically emphasize that gold is still more attractive than Bitcoin. Although the main precious metal added only 16.5% in price this year. A trader with the nickname Riggs is sure that the positive trend will continue. According to his calculations, the BTC will increase as supplies decrease, which will certainly increase the attractiveness of the coin for investors.