Bitcoin Price Rise to $13,000 And BTC Dominance Sets A Two-Year`s Maximum
The market is experiencing a significant increase in the price of the main cryptocurrency, at the moment its cost has come close to the mark of 13,000 US dollars. This means that in the near future the price will be able to test the recent maximum of $13,800, set on June 26. According to Bitstamp, Bitcoin closed the UTC index above the $12,061 mark, which left no hope for the bears to see a lower pattern created on July 4. The situation on the market has strengthened the position of the bulls greatly, as at the moment the demand for BTC below $10,000 has dropped significantly. This means that the vast majority of traders do not believe that the price of the coin will return to its previous level. Note that such a rapid increase in the BTC price reflected positively on the level of dominance of the first cryptocurrency. Now Bitcoin occupies about 64% of the entire cryptocurrency market, which tells us about investor interest in BTC, and not in Altcoin. We want to remind: