“Bitcoin is a Fiasco”: Memes About Cryptocurrency Collapse From The Coin Shark
Failures must be treated with some kind of irony. Therefore, The Coin Shark, decided to support cryptocurrency, which has recently suffered through the collapse of the market, using memes with your favorite characters and stories. Willy Wonka and Bitcoin rate During the past year, everyone must have seen purple memes with a cheerful, eccentric and energetic pastry chef Willy Wonka. This character can fulfill any dreams, but sadly, this is doesn’t apply to the rate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin “wants respect” But, what if Bitcoin rate felt like a gangster from the iconic film “The Godfather”? And it will grow after the whole crypto community  “respectfully” asks for it :) Let’s think about it and stop hating cryptocurrency for its bad behaviour. Legend never dies If we briefly outlined the situation on the cryptocurrency market, it could look like an American disaster movie “Titanic”. Under the circumstances, Bitcoin is the legendary liner, which sails the open crypto oceans into the unknown. Nobody’s perfect: “Bitcoin is a fiasco” The best option to motivate the crowd is to fail. That’s exactly what Bitcoin has been facing for the past week. Well, nobody’s perfect and nothing is perfect, and the leader of the cryptocurrency world proves it. Back to the Future As funny as this might seem, but what if Marty McFly and The Doc. had really broken the time continuum, which caused the collapse of the crypto market in 2018? Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/