Binance CEO Threatened Craig Wright to Delist Bitcoin SV
CEO of Binance exchange warned to delist altcoin Bitcoin SV after its creator announced an intention to sue a member of the Bitcoin community under the nickname Hodlonaut for slander. Earlier Wright claimed that he is the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, to which Hodlonaut tweeted that he was not Satoshi, but the usual “fraud” and “pathetic scammer”. So that Wright refused to file a lawsuit, the user had to recognize him a real creator of digital gold. But immediately after Wright started to threaten him, Hodlonaut, known for launching the action Lightning Torch, deleted his account. Since that Wright is ready to pay a reward of 70 BSV tokens to anyone who can provide information about the real identity of the “offender”. Such a move by the creator of Bitcoin SV didn’t surprise the crypto community but only once again angered it. Meanwhile, the situation continues to heat up, the community has come up with a proposal to conduct a survey, during which the destiny of Bitcoin SV will be decided by its participants. A host of a “What Bitcoin Did” podcast Peter McCormack openly called upon BSV supporters to sue him. Since Wright has publicly announced a trial and a reward, BSV token has begun to fall. Over the week its cost fell by 20%. Now, most likely, it will be difficult for Bitcoin SV to regain its position, while many will associate the coin with the message that “Craig Wright is a fraud”. For BSV creator such anti-advertising is unlikely to bring the desired effect. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: