Apple will Introduce a Set of Tools for CryptoKit Developers
June 5, at the WWDC 2019 conference, Apple announces a set of cryptographic tools called “CryptoKit”. This software will be integrated into the operating system iOS 13. It is reported by The Block. Using CryptoKit, application developers can perform various cryptographic operations, such as hashing, key generation, and encryption. Creators of programs will be able to perform tasks automatically, this will increase the level of application security. Read more on the topic: According to the founder of the research company Open Money Initiative, Alejandro Machado, they will find application for CryptoKit in the field of cryptocurrency. He believes that with the help of cryptographic tools, it will be possible to create a secure environment for managing keys from crypto wallets, which is not inferior to the level of protection of hardware storages. CryptoKit functionality will consist of three key elements:
  • processing and comparing cryptographic hash functions;
  • creating, modifying and identifying digital signatures using the public key;
  • generation of symmetric keys and their application in various operations, in particular, for encryption and authentication.
CryptoKit complies with US legislation governing the export of cryptographic protection technologies. The toolkit is able to perform all basic cryptographic operations and it uses the secure algorithms SHA512, SHA384 and SHA256. The software uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and ChaCha20-Poly1305 ciphers. More information about CryptoKit is available on the Apple website. We want to remind you: