An Investor Bought a House for 800 BTC, and Later Sold it to Buy 50 BTC
One of the users of the social network Twitter under the nickname Captain Bitcoin told about his sad experience with the “premature” use of digital coins in the real estate market. He spoke about his situation in correspondence with another user, who talked about the sale of one of his apartments for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. He did not specify which coin he purchased, but this gave rise to a whole thread in which people began to discuss similar stories. Here, a user with the nickname Captain Bitcoin openly told his story: “In 2015 I sold 800 BTC to buy a house for my family. In 2018 I sold my house and bought back 50 BTC. People who think I'm crazy for selling my house please know that my only regret is to have sold my bitcoins. Investment in Real Estate is now garbage comparing to Bitcoin.” If to carry out simple mathematical calculations, you can find out that 800 BTC in 2015 was estimated at about $160,000, for which it was possible to buy a house. In mid-2018, the same number of coins was already valued at $5 million. So you can only imagine what Captain Bitcoin is experiencing today when 800 BTC costs more than $8 million, and he got only 50 coins left.