According to the Company Aton, Cryptocurrency Gram will Cost $5.1 per Coin on Average
Experts of the investment company Aton suggest that the Gram cryptocurrency, developed by employees of the Telegram messenger, will cost an average of $5.1. It was reported by Forbes. Read more on the topic: The firm Aton indicated the estimated Gram price in a report that was sent to investors interested in buying virtual currency. Financiers believe that the company plans to sell its coins, which were purchased in February 2018 at the rate of $0.38. During the analysis, Aton employees used the “Quantity Theory of Money” and took into account four main factors:
  1. at the first stage of ICO Gram was sold for $0.38; during the second round, the value of the asset rose to $1.33;
  2. in 2020 Telegram may spend the third phase of attracting investment;
  3. by 2028, the total number of coins will increase from 2.89 to 5.98 billion, 4.47 billion of them will be in circulation;
  4. if the current growth rate of the number of Telegram users remains, then by 2021 the audience of the application will reach 675 million people, this will lead to an increase in the level of cryptocurrency capitalization to $135 billion.
As a result of the research, the company came to the conclusion that the Gram price after the launch of the TON blockchain will be in the range of $2.1 to $8.0. Analysts predict a rise in the rate of the token to $30 by 2028. We want to remind you: