A Lawsuit Against Facebook for Advertising a Fraudulent Crypto Project: Case Details
On June 5, Dutch media tycoon John de Mol, the creator of the original Dutch versions of the TV show “Big Brother” and the vocal show “The Voice”, filed a lawsuit against Facebook for advertising a fraudulent cryptocurrency project called Bitcoin Profit. The swindlers managed to earn on the honest name of a businessman more than 124 million rubles. It is reported by Reuters news agency. De Mol discovered an ad for Bitcoin Profit in a social network, which used his photo. The author of the publication claimed that the project was developed with the support of John. The fame of the Dutchman helped fraudsters to deceive people. They invested in an unknown firm and were confident in its reliability. According to de Maul, fake business advertising has damaged his reputation. Read more on the topic: https://thecoinshark.net/facebook-relaxes-crypto-ad-rules-but-not-for-everyone/ Lawyers of the media tycoon want through the court to oblige Facebook to automatically block the advertisement of crypto startups, in which the name and pictures of de Mol appear. Social network lawyer Jens van den Brink stated that his company deleted the publication about Bitcoin Profit immediately after receiving the complaint. According to van den Brink, in early June, Facebook employees met with representatives of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets and discussed ways to combat fraud. However, Jens said that the social network can not monitor all the ads on the platform around the clock and delete illegal ones. Managing director for Facebook, Rob Leathern, claims that the social platform is doing everything possible to curb illegal activities. But criminals are constantly changing tactics to bypass the automatic blocking system. That is why the algorithms do not cope with their task. De Mol asked Judge Remmine Dudok van Heel to require Facebook to give the police information about the users who published the ad for the fraudulent company. The date of the next hearing is still unknown, however, the judge noted that the plaintiff and the defendant could agree to resolve this issue without judicial intervention. We want to remind you: https://thecoinshark.net/elon-musk-agrees-to-new-vetting-rules-for-tweets/