A Large Bitcoin Holder Was Involved in a Shady Murder Scandal
John McAfee is not the only crypto personality who is often featured in loud stories and controversies. Today we will tell you about the scandal that emerged around Alex Johnson, a Bitcoin millionaire, and his wife Luna. According to the report of CCN, back in the December of 2017, John and his wife met a Dutch model Ivana Smith in the nightclub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After consuming large amounts of alcohol and drugs, Smith proceeded to the Johnson’s apartment and spent the night together with them.
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The day after, the girl was found dead outside the apartment building. Alex and Luna Johnson were arrested shortly after, but later on, they were released due to the lack of evidence. Since that time, they have been living as total outcasts, running from one place to another, trying to hide from judgement of the society. Recently, they’ve decided to break the silence and claimed that they hadn’t killed Ivana Smith.
“Ivana was our friend and we both had relationships with her. She came with us willingly that night. I wished I had more time to know her. I lost a friend,” Luna Johnson said, breaking her silence after 18 months of hiding.
However, there is not only no evidence that they committed the murder, there is also no evidence that they didn’t do it. Many people are still convinced that the Johnsons are murderers. The model’s family is currently preparing a new lawsuit against the Bitcoin holder. We remind you: https://thecoinshark.net/john-mcafee-runs-into-an-exile-after-being-charged-with-tax-fraud/