A Cryptocurrency Exchange Issued 250 Million New USDT Tokens
Tether hosted an additional emission on the 18th of May. During the event 250 million new USDT tokens were released, reports Omni Explorer. USDT is considered the steel currency of Stable Coin, as it is dollars that are converted into tokens to provide the US with a national currency. We want to note that this is not the first USDT issue of such a large scale, which was carried out over the past few months. The month of March was also special for the company, since about 300 million coins were issued. After the last issue, the total number of USDT tokens is 250 billion. However, the cryptocurrency community has some suspicions that not all issued digital coins are supported by US dollars. Most of all, this situation was criticized by the anonymous blogger Bitfinex'ED, who previously discovered that the new Tether coins are connected in some way with the increase in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum. There was also an increase in the price of the first cryptocurrency by $120, while Ethereum added $10. We remind you that Bitfinex published an official statement which says that the platform will not support the Petro (PTR) token, backed up by oil and launched by the Venezuelan government in the February of this yea Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_coinshark