TOP-6 Popular Crypto-related Twitter Accounts
Today there's a lot of hype around virtual currencies and many people are discussing crypto-related issues without any knowledge on the issue. Here are some Twitter accounts that hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts follow to get the latest analysis of cryptocurrency market  and stay tuned to what is happening around virtual assets. 1. Vitalik Buterin - @VitalikButerin In his Twitter, 24-year-old Russian/Canadian developer of Ethereum platform and world's second cryptocurrency by market capitalization Vitalik Buterin covers many topics related to cryptocurrency market, technical side of blockchain and virtual currencies, their economic rationale, as well as shares his thought and predictions. He also posts other interesting information that goes beyond cryptocurrency topics. As of mid-April, 2018, Vitalik has more than 730 thousand followers.    2. Gavin Andresen - @gavinandresen Gavin was a lead developer on Bitcoin Core, the original open source software created by Satoshi Nakamoto, and took over maintenance of the code directly from Nakamoto when the mysterious Bitcoin founder announced departure. In his Twitter you`ll find a lot of crypto-related information, including taxation, legal status, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and much more. 3. Charlie Lee - @SatoshiLite Charlie is known as a founder of Litecoin virtual currency that is currently among top-five coins by market capitalization. He is also ex-director of engineering at US based Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Charlie Lee has more than 750 thousand followers. 4. Nick Szabo - @NickSzabo4 Nick Szabo is a blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts pioneer. He is a cryptography expert who created the concept of digital currency Bit Gold back in 1998. This technology is considered a direct precursor to Bitcoin architecture and Nick was many times claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto.   5. Tuur Demeester - @TuurDemeester Tuur is an investor and analyst. He has an economic education and specializes in the study of boom-and-bust economy cycles. Today he is mostly focused on Bitcoin and often provides expert opinion about virtual currency and its economics that is rather important to determine market and investment perspective of crypto-assets.   6. Spencer Bogart - @CremeDeLaCrypto Spencer Bogart was one of the first Wall Street analysts to focus on cryptocurrencies. He is a partner and researcher at Blockchain Capital, and calls himself “a fundamental investment analyst with a unique combination of deep experience analyzing cryptocurrencies as well as traditional equity opportunities” in his bio at Forbes where he writes articles. He actively discusses crypto-related topics sharing his expert opinion and has more than 77 thousand followers. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: