Zignaly Platform – eToro in the cryptocurrency industry

Cryptocurrency trading is quite a difficult task and you need to have a huge amount of knowledge to make money in this field, as well as use special trading tools. But in the company Zignaly, they came up with the idea of how to solve this problem and make trading with digital coins available for everyone.

Trading as a professional without knowledge - is real

This is a new copy trading function, which they decided to implement in Zignaly. In other words, through this function, ordinary users will be able to make the same financial transactions that experienced and large traders make. It is worth noting that there are already so many useful tools at the Zignaly site, which allow to automate and greatly simplify the trading process. It is important to understand that there are almost no other cryptocurrency exchange with so many tools and useful functions. The new feature will be fully integrated into the Zignaly platform, which possesses a fairly large community of experienced traders who will gladly share their trades through investment signals. “In fact, this feature is already in beta testing. Usually, crypto trading demands time and knowledge from investors, but our new copy feature will make this easier than ever before. Our goal is to be seen as the eToro of crypto trading.” – says their CMO, David Rodríguez. The company's specialists have tried to make the exchange interface as simple and clear as possible, so even inexperienced users can set up their account just in a few seconds. Note that the users can choose the signal provider they want to follow themselves since there are quite a lot of them on Zignaly. 

“We already offer one of the simplest crypto trading platforms, but our goal is to make things even easier. With our new one-click button, we can configure your account with the recommended settings and set a kind of “live” status in order to copy the signal provider’s activity to your account.” – Added by David Rodríguez. 


So, Zignaly is a cloud-based automated cryptocurrency exchange, which has a fairly large user base. The average monthly turnover of the platform is 43 million US dollars and this figure is constantly showing exponential growth. And with the new function, the number of users will only increase.