Buytex Network: How To Stop Worrying About Volatility, Receive Stable Profit In The Crypto Market And Start Living?

Many people wonder: “Is it possible to make money on the cryptocurrency market regardless of the trend?”. Experienced traders would answer: “Of course”. Clarify the question a little: “Is it possible to do it stably?” - 99.9% of traders would say: “No”. Still, there are such market participants who can earn at any time, and in almost any market conditions - we are talking about exchanges.

Profits for selected only?

The problem is that to launch a competitive platform for crypto trading, it is necessary to invest far more than one million dollars. Does it mean, such earnings are not available to mere mortals?

No need to be upset - we have something to please you. In this article, we will tell you how, with the help of Buytex Network, anyone can join this locomotive and, despite the BTC rate, increase their capital by 1200% in 12 months.

What is Buytex Network?

So, Buytex Network is a unique partner platform of the Buytex exchange for the distribution of BUX tokens. It has two global missions:

  1. Promotion of the Buytex exchange and the BUX token
  2. Building an international community

More about Buytex

  • Lightning-fast order performance.
  • Reliable user funds protection.
  • Stable operation of the platform regardless of any “non-staff” market situations (recall the recent incident with Coinbase).
  • Internal token BUX.
  • Regular software upgrades and updates.
  • Constant implementation of innovative tools.
  • A team of professionals who have many years of experience in the market.
  • The goal is to become a leader among crypto trading platforms within three years.

BUX Math

  • The total issue is 1,000,000,000 BUX.
  • Quarterly burning of tokens in the amount of 15% of the exchange's income.
  • The final number of tokens is 500,000,000 BUX.

A well-known example Binance

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges on the market - Binance - was founded relatively recently, in 2017. Six months later it entered the list of the largest platforms for crypto trading. In January 2018, Binance even had to temporarily close the site for new users, as the developers needed time to upgrade the equipment due to the overload. This overwhelming success is the result of a well-designed affiliate program.

In July 2017 during the ICO Binance, the price of one BNB token was only $0.1063. In 2020, its rate is about $17, and at the peak, it reached $40 (which is more than 40,000% of the profit).

Buytex - Binance 2.0

The developers of the Buytex Network have chosen a more progressive and scalable method of popularizing the Buytex crypto exchange and the BUX token. Their affiliate program literally has no analogs in the market.

The fact is that each BUX holder receives dividends from the profit of the Buytex exchange, thus, everyone is interested in its development. Besides, with the growth of the exchange's income, the value of BUX also increases.

If you want to learn how to get several X profits using Buytex Network, regardless of the market situation, you are welcomed to register on the official website of the project.