Top 6 problems of miners and their solutions

Infection of the entire farm with a virus due to one infected ASIC, hashrate theft, and excessive energy consumption. Is these problems sound familiar, don't they? Sometimes it can be quite expensive to solve them, but it is possible to prevent them from happening.

Take a look at a list of solutions to the most popular problems that miners have to face.

Problem 1: the entire farm “catches” a virus because of one infected ASIC

Imagine the following: you own a large farm, and one of your ASICs gets infected with a virus. As a result, the entire farm “gets sick”, which leads to the loss of profit. In addition, some viruses are very difficult or almost impossible to get rid of, and you will have to spend money and time to bring your farm back to its normal state. How to solve this problem? The best thing you can do is to prevent the infection.

Your actions:

Install on your ASICs the Hiveon ASIC firmware. Thanks to the tar vulnerability check and a regularly updated signature, it ensures reliable protection from viruses. The firmware can help even if you install it on the already infected ASIC — the digital signature will block the virus (but don’t forget that sometimes the only way to get rid of the virus is to replace the control board). Notifications are another useful feature of the Hiveon ASIC firmware. You will get notifications about the problems right on your dashboard.

It is also recommended to install the monitoring and management system Hive OS. It will be constantly checking the condition of your ASICs, and if one of them is at risk, you will immediately get a message about this and be able to prevent the infection of the entire farm. Apart from this, Hive OS is free for Hiveon ASIC users.

Problem 2: someone regularly steals the hashrate

Imagine this situation: you own a large farm, and to ensure its normal operation, you hired an entire team. It includes administrators and technical experts. You trust these people, and everything seems to be okay, but at some point you notice that your income has decreased — someone steals your hashrate regularly. Fortunately, Hive OS can help in this case too.

Your actions:

Hive OS has two features that can help you to prevent this problem. First of all, you can set up different access levels for administrators and technicians. The following levels are available: Monitor Access and Full Access. The first of them can be provided to your technicians — thus, they will have no access to pools and other important settings. They will only be able to monitor statistics, statuses and so on — they simply will have no opportunity to steal your hashrate. In turn, Full Access means full access to the farm, and it can be granted to your administrators. When you set up access levels, the list of potential burglars will be significantly shorter — only those team members who have full access will be able to steal the hashrate.

Another useful feature of Hive OS is activity logs. Using them, you can track the actions of your team and always be aware of what each participant is doing. So if your administrator steals a part of your hashrate, you will immediately notice this.

Problem 3: ASICs consume too much energy

Let’s suppose that your farm consists of hundreds or even thousands of ASICs. Since you have so many devices, you make good money, but you have to spend almost all of your income on electricity bills. Yes, ASICs need a lot of energy, especially during overclocking. But there is a way to reduce energy consumption.

Your actions:

Hiveon ASIC firmware has a lot of useful features, and one of them is called downvolting. Using it, you can decrease energy consumption even during overclocking, so you will pay less for electricity. Besides, downvolting will help your devices to avoid overheating. 

Problem 4: ASIC’s manufacturing defects led to ignition

Another situation: one of your ASICs suddenly ignites. Fire leads to serious damage, and you don’t even know if the device can be repaired. Looking for the cause of the fire, you determine that it happened due to manufacturing defects of the device that led to a short circuit. In turn, a short circuit caused a fire. Yes, the situation is very unpleasant, but it is possible to avoid it.

Your actions:

Again, Hiveon ASIC firmware will help you. It ensures the additional protection of ASICs’ boards and chips and, in this way, prevents short circuits caused by manufacturing defects. If there is a risk of ignition, the mining process stops automatically, and your device doesn’t get affected. 

Problem 5: it’s essential to monitor the temperature all the time 

Now imagine the following: your farm consists of several thousand ASICs, and you, as a responsible miner, constantly monitor their temperature in order to avoid overheating. But this process takes you too much time, and keeping track of all the devices at the same time is not easy — when there are several thousand of them, you may simply not notice the problem. As a result, one or more of your ASICs will overheat, and, in turn, the downtime will affect your income. But, fortunately, there is a much more efficient way to monitor the temperature of the devices.

Your actions:

Hive OS will come in handy one more time. First of all, it will provide you with a heatmap of your workers — on it, you will see the temperature of all the devices at once. If one of the workers reaches a critical temperature, you will easily notice this — such a device will be red on the map. In addition, Hive OS has an autofan function. You only need to set the target temperature — the fan speed will be controlled automatically, so that your workers will maintain the required temperature.

Also, use Hiveon ASIC firmware. It is “equipped” with a special controller that monitors the temperature of chips and printed circuit boards. If the critical temperature is reached, the controller automatically restarts the ASIC or stops the mining process to prevent damage to the device.

And one more thing — Hiveon ASIC firmware does not have the quiet start feature. The thing is that with a quiet start, the temperature sensor doesn’t work, so if the ASIC reaches the critical temperature, you won’t notice this. As a result, the device may get damaged.

Problem 6: ASICs work unstably

And the last situation: you purchased equipment and organized your mining farm. Everything seems to be fine, but after the start of mining, you constantly encounter disconnections and reboots of ASICs. Moreover, this happens massively and leads to equipment downtime and a serious loss of profit. Fortunately, this unpleasant problem can be avoided.

Your actions:

And again, use Hive OS — this system guarantees reliable stability of your equipment. Using it, you can even easily launch various builds. Your devices will work stably, without sudden reboots and shutdowns.

Hiveon ASIC firmware and Hive OS can help you prevent and solve many problems. The team is also constantly adding new useful features, so be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date.

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