The Government Of Kazakhstan Relies On Crypto Mining

The authorities of Kazakhstan are seriously engaged in the development of a favorable environment for miners in their country. They have great plans for the development of this industry in the coming years.

Attract investments

The Minister of Digital Development and Innovation of Kazakhstan Askar Zhumagaliev said mining centers have already brought 82 billion KZT investments in the country (about $200 million) in a short period of time.

Plans for the coming years

The size of investments in mining should grow many times, more than 300 billion KZT in the near future.


“According to the report we prepared together with international experts, another 300 billion KZT in the form of digital investments and the development of mining are coming over the next three years.”

Crypto industry at the state level

The minister added that such words as cryptocurrencies and mining should be known to everyone, as they are already quite tightly entering our daily lives.

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