Miners leave Kazakhstan

The energy crisis in Kazakhstan forced the miners to go to the United States. The specialists of the BitFuFu company spoke about this.

The mining center was forced to shut down its equipment due to power outages in Kazakhstan and began relocating computing power to the United States. In addition to this company, other representatives of the industry took such a desperate step.

According to information from a company representative, due to the crisis in the energy system, the government of Kazakhstan began to ration the supply of energy to miners. This leads to stoppages and costly equipment downtime. In this regard, more than 80 thousand BitFuFu mining farms will be transported to the United States in the near future.

In addition to this company, the same decision was made by Xive, a company based in the south of Kazakhstan. She had 2,500 mining farms. According to the co-founder of the firm Didar Bekbau, work in the south of Kazakhstan for mining companies is no longer possible. Many are planning to move to the United States or Russia. They have packed their last container and are ready to leave the country.

The head of the local association of the blockchain industry, Alan Dordzhiev, also spoke about the mass exodus of miners from Kazakhstan. He said that there are many large cities with large populations in the south of the country, and electricity may not be enough.

The flight of miners is a big blow to the industry. Kazakhstan received over $ 230 million annually thanks to tax deductions. However, problems with the supply of electricity, which began in the summer of 2021, literally crippled the industry.

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