Intel's BMZ2 Mining Chip Outperforms Competitors

The new mining chip from Intel has received massive recognition from the leaders of the crypto market. Bonanza Miner has proven to be more efficient than many ASIC devices currently used for bitcoin mining.

This is a second generation miner, whose characteristics are much better than those of its predecessors. Its efficiency is higher by 15%, and efficiency by 50%. Therefore, many experts are confident that Intel can take a large share of the mining device market, displacing Chinese manufacturers.

Intel recently presented a prototype of its chip (version BMZ1) at ISSCC 2022. Most of the conference participants did not even know that the second generation of chips was already in development. It was kept secret. So when the official news broke, many were taken by surprise.

The chip is much cheaper and performs better than other farm ASIC chips. GRIDD, Argo Blockchain, BLOCK will be the first to receive the new items. Here are the characteristics of this device:



  • BMZ2 performance - 135 TH/s.
  • Efficiency - 26 J/TH.
  • The price is $5625.

At the same time, it costs 2 times less than the popular Bitmain S19 Pro miner. The only piece of hardware that outperforms the latest from Intel is the Bitmain Antminer S19J XP. However, it costs half as much - $10,455.



According to experts, the price of miners from Intel will not be affected by fluctuations in the cost of bitcoins and trade margins associated with the import of miners from China. This will speed up the return on investment and make the new product mega popular.

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