Intel has created a new technology for mining

The chip, which will be 1,000 times more powerful than competitors, will soon be released by technology company Intel. It will also be less energy intensive.

The new GPU, according to the CEO of Intel, will be released as early as 2022. It will operate using the SHA-256 algorithm and will be able to reduce mining costs.



By releasing a powerful chip, but with less power consumption, they plan to prevent a climate crisis, according to an Intel spokesman. Now adding one block to the blockchain consumes the same amount of energy as would be enough to power a residential building.

The Bitcoin blockchain alone consumes 125 TWh annually. This figure is higher than the annual energy consumption of many countries in the world. Thanks to more productive new chips, it will be easier to save the planet's ecology.

Recall that last year, Swedish regulators called on the EU to abandon PoW mining, as well as to prohibit the creation of data centers for the production of cryptocurrencies.

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