How To Increase The Farm’s Hashrate, To Earn More And To Spend Less

The stock characteristics of ASICs are often not able to meet the miners’ needs. However, there is a reliable way to increase the devices’ efficiency and, therefore, the income — installing custom Hiveon ASIC firmware

The list of supported models

At the moment, Hiveon ASIC firmware supports the following Antminers:


  • S9 / S9j / S9i
  • T9+
  • S10
  • S17 / S17 Pro / S17+ / S17E
  • T17 / T17+ / T17E
  • L3+ / L3++

Why you should use Hiveon ASIC

Now check the main benefits of the Hiveon ASIC firmware:

Higher hashrate

That’s one of the most obvious advantages of the Hiveon ASIC firmware — the higher the hashrate is, the more you earn. Take a look at the hashrate profiles that you can reach with its help:



Stock firmware

Hiveon ASIC firmware

S9 / S9j / S9i

Up to 13.5TH/s

Up to 16.8TH/s with standard PSU and up to 19.1TH/s with the custom one


Up to 10.5TH/s

Up to 13.6TH/s with standard PSU


No stock firmware is available, Antminer S10 is a combination of two Antminers S9

Up to 21.5 TH/s with standard PSU and up to 23.5TH/s with the custom one


Up to 56TH/s

Up to 72TH/s with air cooling

S17 Pro

Up to 50.3TH/s

Up to 80.1TH/s with standard PSU and up to 85 TH/s with liquid cooling


Up to 73TH/s

Up to 95TH/s with custom PSU


Up to 64TH/s

Up to 77.5TH/s with custom PSU


Up to 40TH/s

Up to 54TH/s or 59TH/s (with immersion cooling)


Up to 64TH/s

Up to 70TH/s or 75TH/s (with immersion cooling)


Up to 53TH/s

Up to 62.7TH/s or 67.2TH/s (with immersion cooling)


Up to 504MH/s

Up to 720MH/s with standard PSU


Up to 580MH/s

Up to 720MH/s with standard PSU

Lower energy consumption

Hiveon ASIC firmware can help you not only to increase your profit — using it, you can also pay less for electricity. 

Thanks to the undervolting feature, your ASICs will consume less electricity. For instance, the stock firmware of S17 consumes 2520W while reaching only 56TH/s. In turn, for the hashrate profile of 57TH/s, Hiveon ASIC S17 requires only 2169W. Using Hiveon ASIC instead of the stock firmware, you will pay less for the energy and save your money. 

Lower chips’ frequencies

The autotuning feature of Hiveon ASIC firmware finds worn ASIC chips and automatically lowers their frequencies. Therefore, such chips consume less energy (which saves your budget) and “live” longer. Besides, installing the firmware is cheaper (and more effective) than getting new chips or even a new device.

Please note that autotuning time depends on the condition of your device. New ASICs usually require only several minutes. However, worn devices need more time — up to several hours.

No overheating

To help your devices to maintain the normal working temperature (around 80°C), Hiveon ASIC firmware automatically controls the fans. As a result, the ASICs’ lifespan gets extended, while the energy consumption decreases (again, you will pay less for electricity). 

Besides, in case the temperature somehow gets too high, the temperature watchdog of Hiveon ASIC automatically stops the mining process or reboots the device. If a temperature gets higher than 85°C, you will also get a notification. This limit can be changed, but keep in mind that you do this at your own risk, and don’t allow the temperature to exceed 90°C during overclocking.  

Hive OS is free

Hive OS, the most effective management and monitoring system, is free for Hiveon ASIC users (you will only have to pay a dev fee in parallel mining). Take a closer look at its features to understand what you can get.

The article doesn’t mention all the features of the Hiveon ASIC firmware — only those ones which can help you to earn more and spend less. Other useful features include virus protection, voltage and frequency selection, etc. The firmware can be downloaded here, so you can start increasing your profits and saving money right now!

Start mining with Hive OS for free for 1 rig.