How to Build a Mining Farm in 2020

A mining farm can be defined as a group of devices (workers) combined together. Building it and making it efficient and profitable requires knowledge of a lot of nuances. For instance, how to ensure reliable network connection, to avoid the fuse overload, etc. This article will explain to you what things to pay attention to.

Network connection

At the moment, using cable connection (not WiFi!) is the best way to ensure stable network connection. However, this requires working with wiring, so if you have doubts regarding your skills, hire a professional. Remember, bad wiring can result in fire!

However, getting a cable connection is worth the effort, as you will not have to deal with random WiFi disconnections, which lead to downtime and loss of profit.

WiFi is the second recommended option, but only if cable connection is impossible due to any reason. Other alternatives (for example, 4G Internet) should be avoided, as they may not be able to guarantee reliable and stable network connection.


Attention! Bad wiring may lead to a fire! In case you are not sure how to deal with electrics in the right way, hire a professional electrician.

Workers consume a lot of power, and there a few things which are important to consider when organising your mining devices into farms:

  • The amount of electricity consumed by a device is converted into heat (almost completely). For example, if a worker consumes 800W, around 800W of heat will be produced.


  • It is extremely important not to load the fuse on 100% — leave at least 5% or even 10% as a reserve. If you do not do this, the fuse may get overloaded. The result is the downtime of your workers and loss of profits. To figure out how much the 100% are, use this formula:


Power (W) / Voltage (V) = Current/Ampere


Here is an example to make the formula a bit clearer. Let’s suppose that a mining device consumes 800W, and the voltage is 220. To calculate the 100% load of your fuse, you should divide 800 by 220. The result will be 3.64. This is the load that you should avoid. And if you decide to leave 10% as a reserve, the maximum allowed load will be 3.27.


  • It is also recommended to leave an extra cable and fuse. If at some point you decide to add more workers to your mining farm, they will be very helpful.


  • Do not use the same fuse for your workers, refrigerator and other home appliances. The reason is that devices like refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, etc. consume power only from time to time. But workers require electricity all the time during the mining process. This means that a home appliance that turns on from time to time can make the fuse overload. And, again, this will lead to the downtime and loss of profits. Therefore, to prevent such a problem from happening, get a separate fuse for your mining devices.


  • In case your mining farm is going to consist of ASICs, use the Hiveon ASIC firmware. Unlike stock firmware, it allows decreasing the energy consumption, so you will pay less for electricity. Apart from this, workers will generate less heat.

Ventilation in the premise

Since the heat output is virtually equal to the amount of power your mining devices consume, it is crucial to ensure a proper ventilation and temperature in the location of your farm. If it is not done, workers will overheat. Again, this means downtime and loss of profits.

Start with the simplest thing – open the doors and windows in the room where your workers are located. It is also recommended to install a fan (especially in the summertime!). Do not direct the airflow right on your workers – it must blow the hot air off instead and remove the heat out of the room! Apart from this, leave some space between your devices, so the airflow will be able to move between them.

Keep in mind that 1 fan may not be enough – everything depends on the number of your workers. Besides, you should figure out how much cubic feet per minute of air the fans of every worker push through it. For example, if your ASIC Antminer has 200 CFM, and there are 40 of them, the total CFM will be 8,000. Look for a fan with the same CFM rating or higher.

To cool the room down (but not to ventilate it properly), you can also install an air conditioner. But keep in mind that this device consumes much more power than a fan. Moreover, it must be installed by a professional, which will take some time. Fans are much cheaper and you can install them on your own.

Farm management

To manage your mining farm effectively, use the Hive OS operating system. It perfectly works both for ASICs and GPU rigs. Here are some of the things that you will be able to do with its help:


  • To install your devices in bulk and to manage up to 200,000 workers at once
  • To manage the devices remotely
  • To switch between pools, wallets and miners within a second
  • To monitor the temperature of your workers
  • To manage workers on a schedule
  • To get statistics on the farm to understand its efficiency
  • To find particular devices even on a large farm quickly and easily
  • To get notifications in Telegram or Discord
  • To monitor the devices on the go using the mobile app


When you know what nuances to pay attention to, building and managing a mining farm is a pretty easy task. Just follow the above-mentioned recommendations and do not forget to hire an electrician in case you are not sure about your skills!

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