How much can you earn on a homemade mining machine

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, ASIC machines are becoming more expensive. What should private miners do in this situation? This question was solved for himself by the miner Simon Byrne. He created a homemade rig from several GeForce RTX 3080 cards and successfully mines ETH on it

A handmade mining rig brings up to 10 thousand dollars a month. Considering the costs incurred, the current price of Ethereum tokens and the prospects for profitability in the future, his investment will pay off well.

The machine consists of 13 rows of six cards. Each video card consumes about 300 watts of power. In total, about 23.4 kW of energy is consumed.

There are no analogues to such a mining machine now. Previously, there were a couple of installations:

  • Asustek based on B250 Mining Expert (2017).
  • ASUS H370 for twenty video cards (2018).

However, these mining machines had no more than 20 video cards, and their power, and therefore profit, was insufficient.

Note that the GeForce RTX 3080 video card, which entered the market in 2020, was highly appreciated by both gamers and miners. It sold out quickly.

And this is not surprising if you know the requests of people and companies involved in mining. In just one quarter of 2020, they spent $175 million on the purchase of Nvidia processors for mining Ethereum.

The cost of installing Byrne is approximately $93,522. At the start of sales in September, the Inka RTX 3080 video card was selling for $699. However, due to a shortage, its current cost is twice as high ($1199).

When mining using the Ethash (Phoenix) algorithm, one GeForce RTX 3080 video card demonstrates a computation power of 83 MH/S. With its help, an average of 0.22236870 ETH can be mined per month.

So, excluding electricity costs, you can earn $10,200 per month on this DIY mining machine, which is almost $122,400 per year!

The highest Ethereum price with the best performance on the market was $1,422. If the current value of the ETH token rises next year, the profit that can be obtained from such a mining machine will be even higher!