Chinese  Schoolchildren Must Learn Mining

It's no secret that China is a global mining center. Questions on this subject are found even in exams in geography.

Updated exam papers

Chinese students coming to the exam can face these questions:

  1. Why do mining farms move during a year?
  2. Why are most miners concentrated near hydropower plants in Sichuan?
  3. Why does the government hinder the development of the crypto industry?

Answers posted

ATwitter users with the nickname dark pill posted the answers to the questions and indicated the number of scores for each of them.

The questions and answers translated into English.

— dark pill (@DanDarkPill) June 9, 2020

So Why Does the Communist Party Hinder The Development Of The Crypto Industry?

The government of China sees several negative factors connected with the development of bitcoin in the country:

  • increased volatility of the crypto market;
  • huge energy costs;
  • the potential threat of fires.

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