Canaan Announces Avalon A1066I Immersion Miner

Canaan, which holds the honorable 2nd place in the mining solutions market announced the release of a new product - the A1066I bitcoin miner will be equipped with liquid equipment

The new product guarantees a 45 percent overclocking factor. It can support up to 90 module deployments simultaneously. This maximizes the processing power of the unit and increases energy efficiency by up to 78%.

Technically, the miner is designed like this. Single modules for mining work inside the liquid refrigerant. Thanks to this, quiet operation is ensured, and heat transfer is reduced.

The installation can mine 0.000095 BTC per day with the following rates:

  • Power 50 TH/s.
  • Power consumption 3400 watts.
  • Electricity price $0.12 per kWh.

A single module requires only two hash cards, and in terms of computational capabilities, they are equal to several hash cards of an air-cooled miner.

The equipment is not contaminated with microscopic dust particles, thereby reducing electrostatic damage. Overheating which affects practicality and durability is prevented.

There are also real cooling savings when used. This will support the demand for the Avalon (A1066I) from Canaan.