Block #733 739 was added to the Bitcoin blockchain by a lone miner

A single miner working in the CKPool pool has added block #733739 to the bitcoin network. Mining reward (minus fees) was 6,229 BTC.

The mining pool administrator reported that this block was mined at a hardware capacity of 60 TH/s. According to Kon Kolivas, this is a great success for a lone miner.

The chance of mining a block with such low power per day is only 1:20 thousand. For the whole of 2022, in this pool, only 4 times single miners from among the clients managed to mine a BTC block. And three of them had more powerful hardware:

  • 01/11/22 — block 718 124 — 126 TH/s.
  • 01/13/22 — block 718 379 — 116 TH/s.
  • 01/24/22 — block 720 175 — 86 TH/s.

The total income of the miner at the time of mining amounted to 247.44 thousand. He must give two percent of this amount to CKPool.

Recall that we previously wrote that in 2022 the share of hashrate owned by public companies increased. Now there are 26 large public companies engaged in the mining industry in the world. They, according to the Arcane Research report, own 5 parts of the BTC hashrate.

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