An energy crisis has matured in the Irkutsk region of Russia

Due to the growth of the cryptocurrency market and the ban on mining in China in 2021, the influx of miners to Russia has increased. Many regions have reported a significant increase in energy consumption. Among them is the Irkutsk region, where energy consumption has increased 4 times over the past year.

Both companies and private miners mine. Locals set up farms in basements, garages and even dog kennels. This was reported by police representatives who were looking for illegal miners.

Many electricity distributors have run into problems because of this. For example, Irkutskenergosbyt filed 137 lawsuits against illegal miners for over $820,000.

A representative of the Irkutsk Electric Grids also confirmed the situation with the growth of illegal mining. This is due to the exodus of miners from China. A large number of large business representatives appeared in the region.

Moreover, the situation with the volume of energy consumption is aggravated. Mining equipment is delivered to the region by whole planes. For example, at the beginning of the year, 7 Boeing 737 airliners with farms from China arrived in Irkutsk.

To resolve the brewing crisis, the authorities are working on a regulatory policy regarding mining. Also, companies will be provided with a special tariff for electricity, and the fight against illegal immigrants will be tightened.

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