Almost 53% Of The Bitcoin Hash Is Controlled By Two Chinese Companies

From the information provided by, we can see that more than 52% of the entire hashrate of the Bitcoin network belongs to three Chinese mining pools.


The most computing power falls on only three pools:

F2Pool — 21,8%;

AntPool — 16%; — 15,1%.

Note that AntPool and are owned by the world's largest network equipment manufacturer Bitmain, which controls 31.1% of the entire Bitcoin network. In other words, only two Chinese companies own 52.9% of the network’s capacity.

This endangers the key feature of Bitcoin - decentralization - if the two companies join forces, they can easily make attack 51%.

Recall, after halving, the income of miners decreased by 44%, the hash value decreased by 16%, and the mining complexity decreased by 6%.

Earlier, we wrote that the authorities of one of the Chinese provinces are going to help miners. And the income of Bitcoin miners in April reached $ 412 million.

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