A Mining Center Will Be Built in Ukraine at a Nuclear Power Plant

The plan is to build a mining center on the territory of the Rivne NPP. 8.92 million UAH (equivalent to 318,000 dollars) is allocated for the construction. This information is posted on the public procurement website

The construction work will be financed through the sale of electricity produced by the nuclear power plant. The contract with the winner of the tender will be signed shortly. Construction will start in 2021 and will be completed by 31.08.2022.

At the first stage, the construction company must prepare documentation for the construction of the data center. In the future, by concluding an agreement with Bitfury Holding BV, the center will be equipped with equipment with an energy consumption of 250-500 MW.

This is not the only mining center to be built in Ukraine. In the fall of 2020, Bitfury and Ukrainian Energoatom signed an agreement to build several mining centers at nuclear power plants with a total electricity consumption of up to two gigawatts.