Report: British millennials are the most active crypto investors

A report by Dynata analysts revealed that 20% of male millennials in the UK have invested in cryptocurrencies. Also among them, many receive payment for the work performed in digital assets.

The Dynata survey was conducted in 11 countries. In total, 11 thousand respondents took part in it. It turned out that young Britons are the most active cryptocurrency users.

In total, among millennials (under 24), 34% of men have invested in cryptocurrencies. Among female representatives, the percentage of crypto investors is 26%.

Crypto investments in the UK are also attractive to other segments of the population. The rate of crypto investors aged 25-49 in this country is higher than in the whole world. Although the global average in this age group among men is already high. It is 46%.



Crypto owners most often spend their funds in this way:

  • Gift cards with cryptocurrency. These cards were purchased by 41% of investors.
  • Purchases of goods and payment for services. 15% of owners of digital assets spent their money on this.

The high interest of the British in crypto is also confirmed by the data of a survey conducted by Triple-a employees. The report says that 3.3 million Britons have digital assets. This is 5% of all residents of this state.

At the same time, the respondents managed to find out that the majority of crypto-investors are very wealthy people. 40% of people have an income of 200 thousand pounds a month, and 18% of the income ranges from 100 to 200 thousand pounds.

Many men are very interested in offers to receive a salary in digital assets. There are 65% of them in the UK. Residents of other countries are significantly behind. In China, only 34% want to receive cryptocurrency. In the United States - 37%, and among Canadians - 32%.

Interest in digital assets among the people of the United Kingdom did not suddenly rise. It has been growing for 5 years. According to ING, the number of people who heard about the new asset class in 2018 was 61%. A year later, according to the IE CGC survey, this figure was 10% higher (71%).

The British are actively interested in cryptocurrency. Queries on the topic of bitcoins and cryptos regularly get into the TOP of Google Trends. Moreover, highly educated residents of the UK are actively showing interest. According to the survey, among the owners of digital assets - 21% are doctors of science, and 7% have a secondary education.

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