DOGE and ETH entered the TOP-10 Google Trends

The popular search engine Google at the end of each year traditionally sums up the results of search activity. In 2021, two cryptocurrencies hit the top ten most popular keywords at once. It's about Dogecoin and Ethereum.

Internet users were massively interested in the prices of the tokens of these digital assets. Dogecoin is ranked fourth in Google Trends in popularity in the US and worldwide. The request for the price of ETH (Ethereum Price) hit the tenth place.

The popularity of cryptocurrency searches is due to the bull market that prevailed in 2021, despite the active regulation and ban of digital assets in China. Thanks to this, cryptocurrency requests, which in 2020 did not reach the TOP at all, have risen to such a high level.

Experts emphasize that in 2020, bitcoin, despite the rise in price, did not appear among the most popular requests either in the United States or in the whole world. He is not among the leaders in 2021 either.

The fact is that Ethereum has become more popular due to the large number of DeFI and NFT projects built on the basis of its blockchain. This caused a sharp rise in the price and share of ETH in the overall cryptocurrency market. By capitalization, Ethereum takes ⅕ of the total market value of digital assets.

As for Dogecoin, it is a meme coin actively promoted by the community and celebrities, including Elon Musk. He became a member of the development team of this cryptocurrency and regularly promotes it on his social networks. Thanks to this, DOGE tokens entered the top ten cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap.

The value of the coin has risen by 5000% over the past year. This is a record increase, even when compared to Ethereum. This cryptocurrency has risen in price by only 632%, and bitcoin over the same period - by only 160%.

Other keywords in the top 10 included COVID-19 vaccine, GameStop stocks and other terms.

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