Cryptocurrency Market is More Expensive Than Apple

Bitcoin and altcoins have raised more than $2.254tn in Market Cap in the past 24 hours. This figure is higher than the price of Apple, the number one Tech company in the world!

Crypto Market Cap is growing daily. For 24 hours the increase is $150 billion, and the figure $2.260 trillion. The increase for the year was 10 X. Apple's value is $2.230 trillion. The difference is about $30 trillion.



This happened thanks to the increase in the price of BTC to 64,200 dollars. After the first cryptocurrency actively greened the graphics of altcoins. This is because in the cryptosphere, altcoins largely depend on the news background. And the new ATH bitcoin is great news.

ETH feels the best. Crypto set a new high, breaking the ceiling of $2300. XRP also grew, which rose in price by 30%. Its value reached $1.677. And that's the best figure in three years.

It is worth noting that bitcoin and crypto are still far from the total capitalization of the top 5 largest Tech companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Google and others.

The total value of the five tech giants exceeds $9.3 trillion. It is ahead of crypto and gold, estimated at $11 trillion. That's why the crypto market has room for growth!

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