COTI Uses Dollars

The first gaming platform using the Dollars blockchain

About a year ago, COTI announced its Dollars blockchain product for the gaming industry. Operators can now accept stable token payments in the white version of the COTI payment infrastructure.
COTI's mission has always been to make the blockchain dollar an integral part of the gaming industry and its preferred payment method.

It is encouraging that the first gaming platform to use dollars on the blockchain represents a huge market in this area, and Market Junction NV are some of their out-of-control popular brands such as BingoCafe, BingoCabin, BingoLiner and JetBingo.
Bingo has been around since 2003 and over the past few years has been gradually gaining a major share of the gaming market. These games are among the top 20 games in the world and thousands of visitors come to these sites every month.

COTI announced the launch of Market Junction NV on its Twitter Handle

The first operator to use dollars on the blockchain was Market Junction NV, a gaming giant with some of the most successful bingo brands. We hope this will significantly increase the monthly volume of transactions processed on our network.

In a tweet, COTI acknowledged that Market Junction NV is a giant in the gaming industry, its successful bingo brand and the first operator to use blockchain dollars. COTI expects its monthly processing volume to increase significantly due to the popularity of the Bingo brand.

The use of Market Junction NV blockchain by dollars is a win-win situation for players and operators. When Bingo brand users have an instant and direct connection experience, casino operators can enjoy higher levels of recognition and instant payouts in a clean and transparent gaming ecosystem with zero fraud.

About blockchain dollars

Blockchain Dollars are a combination of wallets and payment systems that use legal and traditional currencies and virtual stable tokens to make payments in the gaming industry. It is based on the white label version of the COTI payment infrastructure. All transactions are reflected in Trustchain, which enables instant settlements and increases merchant transparency.