Bitcoin Gaming

The world is in a Bitcoin frenzy right now, especially right now with a pending financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The prices of Bitcoin is rising and putting royalties and fiat money in question. For most people, Bitcoin can only be earned via a process called mining. However, there are many other ways to earn cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin that are far easier and don’t require a mining rig.

Enter Bitcoin gaming. Did you know that you can earn shiny new Bitcoins simply by playing games? We’re not just talking about Bitcoin casino. There are many other types of Bitcoin games you can try your skills in and earn BTC for your wallet.

How to Play Bitcoin Games

Playing Bitcoin games online might sound complicated, but it’s very easy. Earning Bitcoins via mining can be pretty time-consuming, not to mention boring. Playing games, however, is much more fun and exciting. Before you start doing it, you’ll need to open up a crypto wallet.

There are two ways to store your BTC. The first one is cold storage or keeping them offline. This means storing them on special apps you can download and install on your PC or Mac, then store your BTC collection safely secured with a password. This kind of wallet doesn’t need an Internet connection unlike web-based so-called hot wallets.

The second way to store your Bitcoins in order to use them is a web-based crypto wallet. These e-wallets are essentially the answer to bank accounts, except you’re storing digital currencies, not fiat money. By storing your public keys in a crypto wallet on the blockchain, your Bitcoins will be safely tucked away on secure servers while also being available to you at your disposal.

Hardware wallets are also available in the form of USB sticks which may or may not come with features such as Bluetooth payments. For your convenience, it’s best to go with hot crypto wallets that can be used online.

As soon as you’ve set up your crypto wallet, you can delve into the depth of Bitcoin gaming and enjoy different types of games.

Windows Games

We’re all using Microsoft Windows as our primary OS so it makes sense for developers to release games on the platform. You can buy certain Bitcoin games online relatively cheap and install them on your PC to start earning BTC. There are different types of games you can enjoy. From puzzles and platformers to MMORPG games, there’s something for everyone in store.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect full-blown video games with Crysis-like graphics. You will most likely enjoy platformers and simpler games where you can hunt for Bitcoins. Games such as Coinhunter, for example, have a treasure chest of coins players fight over on a map. Kill your enemies and you will earn a fair share. Whenever a player dies, their coins are released for others to win on a map. If you’re skilled at video games, there’s no question that you can make a killing and earn a bunch of Bitcoins.

Web-Based Games

These Bitcoin games usually come in the form of collectible games with data stored on the Steem blockchain or others. One such game you can try is Splinterlands. Your goal is to fight other players in tournaments to earn experience points and booster decks as well as rare cards. You can then spend your XP in marketplaces, exchanging them for other items or Bitcoin.

Mobile Bitcoin Games

The mobile Bitcoin gaming industry is truly heating up these days. Both Android and iOS games you can play with BTC are being released all the time. You get to solve puzzles or microtasks and in return you’ll earn precious Bitcoins.

Mobile Bitcoin games are very innovative. Besides platformers or microtask-based games, you can also play world-build simulations. Some will allow you to earn special points that can later be redeemed for the cryptocurrency. Of course, the payout is small but legit. Plus, mobile Bitcoin games are pretty fun and the fact that they can be rewarding too means you won’t be wasting your time.

Online Casino Games

Bitcoin online casinos like are very hot right now with new ones entering the market every day. They work in the same way as online casinos with one notable difference – you’re using Bitcoin (and other cryptos) rather than fiat money to fund your account. Gambling with Bitcoin online is a great way to earn plenty of BTC in return. Unlike mobile games, Bitcoin casino games offer higher payouts and this means more Bitcoins in return.

You can play Bitcoin slots, table games, or try your luck at the biggest jackpots. Playing jackpot slots with Bitcoin is an experience like no other due to the massive winning potential. Of course, you’ll need Lady Luck by your side for truly big jackpots, but if you don’t try, you won’t know.

If you hit a jackpot while playing with Bitcoin, you can expect BTC to rain down upon you.

Bitcoin Brain Games

These games are becoming increasingly more popular these days. That’s not a surprise. After all, they will engage your brain with innovative puzzles and give you a chance to earn Bitcoins. As the name suggests, these games span quizzes and other types of contests you’ll need to complete in order to earn the precious crypto. If you believe that you can best the test, free BTC awaits you as a reward for your efforts.

Why Play Bitcoin Games?

Bitcoin gaming is relatively new, yet it’s a very fun and rewarding way to get your hands on the leading cryptocurrency in the world. Even if you’re completely new to the world of Bitcoin gaming, you can buy BTC with ease and try your luck on Bitcoin games.

It surely beats mining and although the rewards might be small, you can eventually earn a nice sum of BTC. Instead of procrastinating all day long, why not play games and earn Bitcoin. You can do this on virtually any platform including PC, Mac, and mobile devices. You can even play BTC games in your browser – what could be better than that?