Best Card Games to Gamble with Bitcoin

The ending of the 20th century saw the emergence of computer games. Their sole purpose was to be a source of entertainment for the players.

Today, the emergence of innovative technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence has revolutionized crypto gaming. As a result, several Bitcoin gambling sites are springing up to give you the best gambling experience.

Game Models

Pay to Play (P2P)

This model was prevalent in the gaming industry until the early 2000s. It remained the most famous game developer model in 2020

The studios that developed the games and the publishers earned revenue through initial sales. This model constrained players to a limited value.

Free to Play (F2P)

Once thought of as a poor business model, F2P has proven to be the best way to raise revenue from games. In addition, games are offered at no cost initially.

The revenue is raised through in-game purchases such as upgrades and items. Another way they raise revenue is through ad services.

Play to Earn (P2E)

This is probably the business model you want in your crypto games. You can play the game to earn tokens or Bitcoin. The offer to earn has proven to be a powerful attraction. Rewards come in the form of digital assets you can convert to cash and gamble with.

Best Bitcoin Gambling Card Games

Blockchain technology takes your native game assets to global, non-permitted blockchain platforms. This is a major relief to players and one of the reasons blockchain gaming is growing in popularity.

Below are some of the best card games to gamble with Bitcoin:


This game plays with the standard deck of 52 cards. Casinos will usually offer you six to eight decks of cards, shuffled together and packed in a card shoe. As a player, you need to make your wager before any cards are dealt.

Each player will receive two cards while he keeps two for himself. One of the dealer’s cards comes face-up, though. The counting is easy with face cards counting as ten, ace as one or 11, and other cards count at their face value.

If the first two cards of a player include an ace and a ten or face card, a blackjack occurs. Most times, this will be a winning hand except in cases where the dealer also has a blackjack. The winning player will get three to two.

Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker

This is the world’s most famous poker. You can take a few minutes to learn this game, but it will cost you a lifetime to master.

As a player hoping to win, you need to bring up the best five-card hand using two hole cards and five community cards. Then, to begin each round, the players have to make two blind bets. These bets go to the players on the left of the dealer.

The first player makes a small blind bet which is half of the minimum bet. The big blind or the whole blind goes to the next player. All players will be dealt two cards face down. After that, the betting round comes.

At the end of this game, the player who holds the strongest 5 cards combination wins. You can combine your two cards and the open 5 cards on the table. Nevertheless, the play can only be made with 5 cards.

Hi-lo Mini

The mini version of Hi-lo is exclusive to BC Game. This is the only crypto casino where you can play this game. You don’t have to worry about competition as this guessing game is for a single player. You make progress by making the correct guess.

The guess is simple. All you need to do is guess if the next card will be lower, the same, or higher than the previous card. A correct guess takes you to the next round. An incorrect guess will end the round with no prizes.

A cool thing about this game is that there are no limits on the maximum payouts you can get. With an Edge of 1%, the only limits placed are in the bet and profit.


If you see Omaha Hold’em, it still refers to the same Bitcoin game. This game shares similar rules with the Texas Hold’em.

Similar to Texas Hold’em, BTC Omaha allows players to place an ante if they wish. The players right after the dealer bring the small and big blinds to the game table. Next, each player is dealt 4 face-down cards. After that comes the gambling circle.

The next stage is the placement of 3 cards face up to the table. This marks the start of the betting round. Furthermore, the dealer drops an open card on the table. When the cards on the table reach 5, the last betting round begins.

The winning player has to make 5 card combination using his 2 cards and 3 cards on the table.

Draw Poker

This game is commonly found in homes and among friends in meetings. Nevertheless, BTC draw poker has grown in popularity in today’s gambling world.

When the players make an initial bet, they get five cards. Following this is the circle of trade. The players can announce the number of cards they wish to change. The dealer receives their cards and replaces them with new ones. Once this is completed, the last betting round follows.

7-Card Stud

Herds have several varieties, including 4, 5, and 7-card studs. All of them can be played for Bitcoin. However, this section is focused on the 7-card stud. The game begins with an initial bet from the players. A player can place a blind at his own free will.

Each card dealt will come face up and two more face down. The next stage is the circle of trade. Another card is dropped face up, bringing the number of cards to four. Another circle of trade follows.

The sequence continues until each player ends up with 7 cards. The last betting round follows immediately after. In the end, the best end with 5-cards wins the pot.

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