Ripple's David Schwartz Squeezes 7.5 Bitcoins from Bitcoin-casinos

when the first cryptocurrency on the exchanges was trading at $20 10 years ago, David Schwartz signed up at a crypto casino and made a deposit of 8 Bitcoins. After playing a little, he realized that the casino was not for him. He left the site and BTC remained in the account of the crypto casino.

Now, when the cryptocurrency has broken through the level of 40 thousand dollars, Schwartz remembered this case. He decided to see if it was possible to get back the deposit, which now costs at least $270,000.

Schwartz had to spend some time looking for a casino. He searched the Internet for hours to no avail. Then he remembered the casino he had played in ten years ago. I found my old email and started recovering the password on the site.

The procedure paid off, and he was able to withdraw 7.5 bitcoins. Alas, Coil CEO Stephen Thomas was less fortunate. We already wrote that a huge amount of 7002 BTC remained on his blocked IronKey wallet.

David Schwartz also suspects Thomas has a lot more Bitcoin. While testing the Javascript library developed by Thomas for the BTC blockchain, he did many test transactions from different accounts.

Even if they were one Bitcoin each, today there are hundreds of such accounts for many hundreds of thousands but there is no access to them either.