Crowdstart Capital | ICO 01.02.18 – 31.03.18


Token sale opening date1. Feb 2018

8 days ago

Token sale closing date31. Mar 2018

in 1 months

ConceptCrowdstart Capital CSC is a Blockchain technology accelerator. CSC plans to raise capital through a digital token sale. The purpose is to invest in blockchain-related projects close to the needs of the incumbent industries.


 Facebook ( not avaiable)
 Slack chat 
 Telegram chat (not available)


MembersMichael Reuter – Cofounder & CEO

Joerg Blumtritt – Cofounder & CTO

Kira Nezu – Cofounder & CDO

Yukitaka Nezu – Cofounder & COO

Country of originGermany

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