Creative is Preparing a New Model of Unique Headphones
Creative, the giant in the design and manufacture of high-quality headphones, has released the new Creative SXFI AIR headphones. Note that the company has large experience and years of development behind it. The new headphones boast supported Super X-FI surround sound enhancement technology. This technology makes the sound perfect and makes it possible to feel the whole timbre of its frequencies. Creative experts admitted they did not expect to implement the newly developed technology in headphones and microdevices so quickly and successfully, but also mentioned, they are always ready for different experiments to achieve a result. Creative SXFI AIR headphones combine compact size, high sound level like 7.1, as well as the presence of a full microSD-slot for memory cards, they also have a USB-C port, which has become their twist. To date, Creative SXFI AIR headphones can be purchased on special order at a price of $159, but there is also a model available at a lower and attractive price of $129.