Craig Wright's lawsuit against Hodlonaut dismissed by the British court
A London court rejected an Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright’s lawsuit to defend honor and dignity against a Twitter user with the nickname Hodlonaut. The decision was explained by the lack of British jurisdiction in the present case. Further, the issue will be considered in Norway, which has the appropriate jurisdiction, the user said. This story dates back to April 2019, when Craig Wright filed a lawsuit against Hodlonaut for regularly calling Wright a scammer who only calls himself the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. The situation became tense when one of Craig's friends published confidential information about the owner of the Hodlonaut account, including his place of residence. After which the account has been deleted. The Internet community reacted negatively to such an act, especially to the disclosure of personal data. As a sign of solidarity, many users began to rename their own accounts on “Hodlonaut” and put the cat in a spacesuit on the avatar. Craig filed similar lawsuits against the creator of the largest cryptocurrency site, Roger Vera, for the well-known crypto enthusiast also often called Wright a fraudster and published denials of his fakes. If this claim was rejected, then another, against the leading cryptocurrency news podcast Peter McCormack, is currently pending in court.