Craig Wright may Get Copyrights for Bitcoin
Craig Wright, the employee of the blockchain company nChain, may obtain copyright on the documentation (Whitepaper) of Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency and the source code of the network software. Wright filed an application with the United States Copyright Office asking it to register him as the creator of two developments published under the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto:
  • peer-to-peer electronic payment system (Bitcoin, Whitepaper concept description);
  • BTC cryptocurrency client version 0.1.
On May 22, the United States Copyright Office issued a press release announcing that Wright’s application could be approved. According to representatives of the agency, they do not check the veracity of information about the author in the process of registration of rights, if the product was released under a pseudonym. This requires only verbal confirmation of the applicant, in this case, Craig Wright. Wright told officials that he developed and published the Whitepaper Bitcoin and software under the assumed name Satoshi Nakamoto. The office will not check Craig’s words, however, his authorship may be challenged in court. If it turns out that Wright had misled civil servants, he would be penalized. Read more on the topic: British businessman Peter McCormack has repeatedly stated that Wright is not real Satoshi. Craig decided to file a lawsuit against McCormack, he demands to penalize an entrepreneur and force him to apologize for lying during an open court hearing. By May 24, Peter can settle the dispute on his own, however, the British is determined to fight pseudo-Nakamoto to the end and therefore will go to court. Craig Wright has been proving for over a year that he created Bitcoin. Despite his efforts, many members of the crypto community still do not take his statements seriously. There is an objective reason for this: the BTC documentation was published in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto carefully concealed his real identity, why did he decide to emerge from the shadows 10 years later? Some people believe that Wright wants to earn money and strengthen the position of Bitcoin SV (BSV) virtual currency, which he strongly supports since its release. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: