Craig Wright Doubts Whether He Gets 1 million BTC on January 1
The infamous Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, recently stated that he might not receive the information needed to unlock 1 million Bitcoins. The Australian entrepreneur added that he did not confirm the fact that he could operate with private keys from the first wallet in January 2020. Wright convinced all market participants, saying he was not going to bring the market down, as he was well aware that this would harm a lot of people. Earlier, he said that he wanted to donate all Bitcoins to his wife's charity fund, aimed at supporting the poorest population. Recall, earlier Wright lost the trial against the relatives of the late mathematician Dave Kleiman, he worked together. The court ruled, Wright must pay the other side 500 thousand Bitcoins. After that, the parties began to discuss the possibility of a peaceful settlement of the conflict, but the fake Satoshi admitted that he could not pay this amount of money. The plaintiff’s side believes that Wright has access to these coins, and he invented a story with encrypted keys to trust to confuse the investigation.