Coinhive Closed Down, Mozilla Can Destroy Cryptojacking Launching Its Own Service
Many people complain that cryptocurrency is too volatile and unsaved, especially when people are hacked or got involved in a scam. In addition, cryptojacking is one of the most popular problems roaming around crypto world and disturbing its citizens. If you happen to be unaware of cryptojacking, this is a type of malware that enables a hacker to take control of your computing power to mine cryptocurrency. It can be done through software, if you download extensions from browser. The cryptocurrency which is the most affected is Monero, according to the statistics, 5% of all existing Monero assets (approx. $100 million) were mined or stolen from cryptojacking However, the things may go another way after the main players in preventing hacks have changed. As we all know Coinhive, the supplier of the anti-viruses services, was declared as economically viable. Thus, browser operator Mozilla decided to launch its own service to protect users from hacks. It also plans to provide solutions on shutting down cryptojacking. It is still unclear about the details of this service, so stay tuned for more information about it. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: