Christmas Top Promising ICO Startups of the Outgoing 2018
Christmas is just around the corner 🎄 And we want to recall what bright startups have remained in our minds this year. The Coin Shark has already presented you TOP 10 Blockchain Startups 2018 and the TOP 10 ICO Projects That Became the Most Useful Ideas of 2018. Today we’ll talk about projects that we believe are among the most promising. 1. Joys Joys is a project based on a creative idea of building a bridge between crypto holders and retailers willing to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. It is an ecosystem where people will be able to find goods and services they like out of the wide selection of choices available at Joys and pay for them in Bitcoin, altcoins or tokens. A very important and useful feature of the platform is that it can be used even in the countries where crypto is officially banned with no violation of any regulations. They design Joys as a tool of convergence between conventional monetary system and the new blockchain-based system to boost economy effectiveness. They expand application of cryptocurrency of any blockchain project at retail stores and service companies; this way, they involve classical retail into blockchain community and add value to both cryptocurrencies in general and currencies of projects connected to Joys independently. About the project: Whitepaper: 2.  Whisky Token The entire whisky market has experienced strong global growth in recent years. The global trend is towards higher-quality and more expensive products. Total volumes have also risen significantly in recent years, with literal figures declining slightly in 2017 as well as in a few markets. In Germany alone, sales rose from EUR 735 million in 2010 to a forecast EUR 886 million in 2018, with the price per litre increasing in particular. WHISKY TOKEN (WHY) stands for a disruptive new possibility in the crypto currency market due to the combination of High-End Whisky and Blockchain technology. Their mission is to combine the unlimited growth potential of a cryptocurrency with the security of real whisky value. About the project: Whitepaper: 3. Dragonglass Dragonglass is a unique solution that will turn boring mining into an enjoyable experience. The project developers have created a special Dragonglass app that will let you play a game and mine DGS tokens at the same time. Dragonglass is the world’s first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglass cryptocurrency is as easy and fun as playing a mobile game. It provides user-friendly and affordable cryptocurrency mining solution to everyone. Dragonglass is also powerful: by using a unique mining technology, it is thousands of times more efficient than traditional cryptocurrency mining. About the project: Whitepaper: 4. Fidelium Fidelium offers the very first cross-exchange trading platform for cryptocurrency. Fidelium’s trading system, named “Fortress,” enables users to trade at multiple exchanges around the world at once, within a single trading platform. It seamlessly connects numerous exchanges and allows users to freely choose which exchange to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Fortress will be integrated with the Fidelium mobile app, which features a multi cryptocurrency wallet, and a debit card payment system interface. With “Fortress,” you can trade any cryptocurrency at any supported exchange you want, without any hassle, or time delay, enabling you to make the most out of your cryptocurrency trading. About the project: Whitepaper: 5. Skynavpro™ Skynavpro™ is a navigation software integrated in a specially developed hardware for communication, collision avoidance and live tracking for general aviation. Its shape is a single portable box, where all the information is being saved. Throughout central Europe skynavpro™ is an already well-established brand and hardware prototypes are already developed. Due to its system level integration concept it can easily fit in any manned and unmanned aircraft (e.g. drones, UAV’s). About the project: Whitepaper: