China Mobile Will Release a Blockchain-Based Water Purifier

China Mobile is not only about telecommunications, in case you were not aware, its multiple departments are involved in various fields of human activities. For instance, the Internet of Things unit of the company has been working on a basic item that can be found in almost any household.

China Mobile developers have designed a water cleansing device powered by blockchain. This smart gadget will not only collect and analyze the data based on the way it is used, it will also provide the users with special tokens which they will be able to utilize by buying new filters or other related products.

The creators of this device are sure that the combination of IoT and blockchain will create a breakthrough in the smart home sphere and other spheres as well.

A representative of the IoT unit of China Mobile, Xiao Yi stated:

Our goal is to also attract those who are not in the cryptocurrency or blockchain community, who may have heard of this technology but not necessarily understand it.”

The blockchain water purifier can now be purchased only through the crowdfunding procedure, but the developers hope to put it up to the mass market as soon as possible.

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