China Aims To Strengthen Copyright Protection Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has become a safeguard of information in the world of technologies quite long ago. Let us recall that the treaty between North and South Korea signed on April 27th is kept on blockchain:

Ethereum Blockchain Will Keep the Peace Treaty Between South and North Korea

China has always supported blockchain, even though its attitude towards cryptocurrency leaves much to be desired. On December 15, a new copyright protection alliance was created in Beijing, the former is aimed to secure copyright using blockchain technology.  

The newly established union –  “China Financial Media Copyright Protection Alliance” – includes more than 30 financial medias around China, e.g. China Business News, International Finance News, Economic Information Daily, the Daily Economic News, Beijing Business Daily, etc.

The main objectives of the alliance are to improve the authorization mechanism, to strengthen the industry’s copyright independence and to develop the copyright cooperation inside mass media industry.

Intel Will Create a Copyright Protection System Based on Blockchain

Qi Huisheng, secretary of the former Communist Party group of the China Association of Journalists, stated:

“Reporters and newspapers should establish copyright awareness, solve common problems in copyright protection through technology and other means, and actively communicate with relevant technical teams to protect original copyright…”

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