Can Breath-Testing Devices Help People Eat Better?

The major technological showcase CES, held in Las Vegas annually, has surprised the community with a bunch of new innovative and sometimes even weird gadgets this year.

One of them was a device which analyzes the breath of a person and makes suggestions as to how the diet of this person should be changed and what particular elements are insufficient in the organism.

Lumen is able to track down and conduct a full test of a person’s metabolism: from the speed of calorie burning to the conversion of food into energy. All this info is collected in the mobile app, developed specifically for such purposes.

This tiny device, which can easily fit in your pocket, could become a revolutionary development that might replace dieticians in the future. It has already completed a successful fundraiser at Indiegogo, having collected 2 million dollars.

The device will be available for purchase in summer and will cost 299 dollars.

The similar gadget, FoodMarble, has also been presented at CES, but it still requires more time for the development.

Meanwhile, despite all the positive features of breath-testing devices, they still need to go through a thorough expertise of the scientists.

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