Can a state function solely on meritocracy? The Noah City shows the way.
Sociologists have often pictured a Utopian world where people climb rungs of power and position through talent, effort, and achievement, rather than through social class or wealth. While this scenario is ideal and, one would think, obvious; it is not often the case. We see today a world with disparity – not in terms of talent, but in terms of wealth that have created distinct social categories. And power is vested in the upper social classes leading to the history of the world where strife between classes has become a norm, rather than an aberration. Meritocracy is a political and social system where an individual, literally, has to “earn the power to rule.” Advancement in such a system is based solely on a performance that can be demonstrated through tangible achievements. While every nation on this planet has meritocracy as one of the foundational principles in their constitution, it is rarely seen in practice. The Noah City, however, seeks to establish a decentralized state whose basic structure itself is based on meritocracy. How meritocracy is in-built in the Noah City concept The new Noah City is being envisioned as a truly decentralized state running on the blockchain technology. All individuals who wish to become citizens of this futuristic state will receive a passport that authenticates their citizenship. The Noah City adheres to the guiding principles of a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a dream that was visualized collectively by the founding evangelists of the blockchain movement. Fair governance, free market, security and an optimal combination of democracy and capitalism, all based on the infallible blockchain, are the founding principles of the Noah City. The Noah City will be governed like any sovereign state. It will have ministries for trade, justice, international relations, information, finance, education, administration, culture, immigration, and labor. These ministries will be responsible for both domestic activities and international ties with other states for mutual benefit. True to the democratic and meritocratic nature of blockchain technology, the Noah ecosystem is open to any individual who wishes to use and apply his or her skills for the betterment of the community. By applying your unique skills and knowledge within the Noah ecosystem, you will be rewarded for providing your services within the community and outside. You can trade, educate, create – basically take up any role you wish that can provide value to the ecosystem. And as you work hard and smart, your reputation increases and that leads to you climbing the social and political hierarchy – from being an individual contributor to even a minister. How DPoI maintains meritocracy in Noah City While the Noah Blockchain that governs the Noah City uses DPoS, there are plans to use DPoI for governance. In this way, all active citizens will be rewarded, thus strengthening the core foundations of a meritocratic state that the Noah City aims to become. The Proof-of-Importance model goes beyond mere PoW and PoS models. PoI not only rewards those with substantial stakes, but it also looks at how active an individual is within the community. The more an individual’s efforts are aligned to help the economy of the community, the more “importance” he or she will gain and ultimately get rewarded. A trust score will be given to active participants depending on the level of their activities. This will not only help them accrue a greater reputation but also makes certain that wealth has a chance to be distributed equitably amongst the community – those who are motivated to work hard towards the betterment of the community get rewarded. Parting thoughts The decentralized economy is the result of crushed dreams and frustration with many of the global practices. The disparity that is so obvious within the world’s population demands that the core principles as propounded by the founding fathers of civilizations be re-evaluated and inculcated with modern sociological theories that seek to bring social parity and economic justice within the people of the world. The Noah City is a shining example of what can be achieved when the potential of a technological marvel is used for the betterment of society. The indelible and infallible principles are not mere words on paper – they are automatically enforceable codes that will bring uniformity and meritocracy within a decentralized state that aims to break the shackles of siloed wealth and social status by starting off with a clean slate.  Become a pioneer of this exciting moment in history. Join the Noah City and become a citizen today.  Moreover, you can find out, how decentralized voting is working and make the first steps on acquiring citizenship via a special wallet.   Feel free to ask questions in our English or  Japanese Telegram chats The latest news about the project is available on a special LINE channel. The discussions are holding in  NOAH.QDAO#1 and NOAH.QDAO#2  LINE groups