Bright Apple Novelties of the Passing Year

2017 was an incredibly successful and evolutional period for Apple. This is the year when the world giant fully updated iPhone and released various unusual devices, which became the world selling hits.

Was the passing 2018 as successful for Apple as 2017? Well, let’s find out together by reviewing those bright devices of 2018.

iPhone XS

Although the world still does not have enough time to play with a new “haircut” of iPhone X,  the Apple’s workaholics have released a new flagship iPhone XS.

The smart community fell in love with its new frameless 5,8-inch OLED screen called Super Retina. The manufacturer has left the “haircut”, in which he integrated sensors, a front-facing camera and a speaker.


The “Home” button was taken away, although it was a distinctive feature of the devices. Now you will go to the main menu by tapping the screen.

The iPhone XS screen gained 2436×1125 pixels resolution and anti-shattering glass which protects the body.

In general, the new toy looks amazing owing to the glossy body which is available in 3 colours: black, golden and white.

In addition to the first-rate outer design of iPhone XS, it gained a unique “filling”:

  • the most powerful and smartest A12 Bionic CPU;
  • the ultra quality camera with a two lens 12MP each;
  • the internal memory of 512 Gb;
  • the lithium polymer battery with 2658 mAh capacity;
  • the latest version of OS – iOS 12.

iPhone XS MAX

During the autumn presentation, Apple revealed a new version of XS model – iPhone XS Max. This flagship looks very attractive due to its glass body with a carbonized stainless steel frame. XS Max is not afraid of water, since this model is designed for diving up to 2 meters for half an hour.


The elder version has 6,5-inch OLED screen called Super Retina, the resolution of which is 2688×1242 pixels. The screen perfectly captures colours and regulates a white colour balance through the True Tone function. The XS Model snaps picture on a dual camera.

The device works fast and uses minimum of energy because of its six core processor, which prevents the phone from overheating. The developers took care of the internet servers by providing the phone with a tough battery which may work for 15 hours.

The main features of iPhone XS Max:

  • the A12 Bionic processor;
  • the ultra quality camera with two lens 12MP each;
  • the internal memory of 512 Gb;
  • the lithium polymer battery with 3174 mAh capacity;
  • the OS – iOS 12;

iPhone XR

Apple envisioned that the price for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will provoke disturbance about the flagships. Therefore, during the autumn presentation, the company released less expensive model – iPhone XR. It has many similarities with the abovementioned flagships.


The body of XR is made of shatter-resistant glass and have a frameless style. The body frames are made of aluminum. Unlike all his abovementioned brothers, XR is released in completely unusual colours for Apple: black, white, red, yellow, coral and blue.


The iPhone screen has a Liquid Retina HD matrix with 6,1-inch screen and the resolution of 1792х828 dots with the density of 326 pixels per one inch. The screen has a high level of brightness and contrast, which provides with a realistic image  while watching photos or video.


The iPhone XR is fast and does not overheat from prolonged loads, even in a multitask mode. This feature is a merit of six core A12 Bionic processor.

The main features of iPhone XR are:

  • the A12 Bionic processor;
  • the main and front-facing camera – 12MP and 7MP;
  • the internal memory of 256 Gb;
  • the lithium polymer battery with 2942 mAh capacity;
  • the OS – iOS 12;

iPad Pro

Apple decided to spread the idea of frameless screens on iPad. In 2018, iPads gained widescreen displays with 11 and 12,9 inches. The novelties are not like their predecessors, since the“Home” button is taken away.


2018 iPads did not received the latest version of OS. They work on iOS 11. The unlock of the latest iPad is performed by the improved option of Face ID and the front-facing TrueDepth camera. The device gained the most powerful at this moment Apple A10 Fusion processor. The processor has a machine learning function which allows to adapt to its owner while using.

The icing on the cake for Apple’s fans was a brand Apple Pencil stylus that can be used to work with 2018 iPads.



The lineup of Apple MacBook Pro 2018 differs a little from the previous model. The “filling” is a distinctive feature of this novelty.


A portable PC gained from its developers a 5-inch IPS display with 2880х1800 pixels resolution which supports the TrueTone technology. You can forget about previous keypad combinations, since MacBook Pro 2018 received an OLED screen (Touch Bar).

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 may be praised for its high speed. Even during multiple tasks, the portable PC works without disruptions. The processor of 8th generation Intel Core i7/i9 is responsible for its high speed, it is highly demanded on the market. The graphics reproduction is performed by an AMD Radeon Pro 560X with 4GB DDR5 memory or AMD Radeon Pro 555X depending on the complete set. The portable Apple PC became more enduring by increasing the battery capacity.

Apple MacBook Pro is fully capable of solving business, entertainment and daily tasks through high productivity and a large screen. The latest version of portable Apple PC is available in green and silver colours.


Watch Series 4 is the latest version of Apple smart watches which was released in 2018. The device has a larger screen in comparison with the previous model, however, the familiar size of the watches remains unchanged.


Due to the display size increased by 30%, the developers managed to extend the interface. Now Watch Series 4 users may track more useful information. This is the most leading  model from all ever released. Not just because this is a last generation model but rather because of the following notes:

  • the integration of powerful S4 chip;
  • the duration of autonomous job is increased up to 18 hours;
  • the performance of the watch is increased by 2 times;
  • the speaker become louder by 50%
  • the Siri ability is expanded.

Watch Series 4 is ideally adapted for athletes. The device has a special functional which may help to make an optimal training program. Various trackers and sensors for a health monitoring are built in the watch.

The developers pleased the users with a dust and water protection, so you may dive into the water during vacation or pool training.

Software upgrade

Innovations are not the only thing that Apple users were pleased with in 2018. Along with release of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, a new program product was released, which is iOS 12. The latest program software increases the performance of gadgets.

The activation of the program is two times faster now in comparison with iOS 11. The work speed with connected headset is increased by 1,5 times. The update affected the watchOS 5 platform for Apple Watch:

  • the new training modes have been added:
  • the functionality of smart watches has expanded;
  • the notification system is improved;
  • the application “walkie-talkie” is added;

The changes affected the portable macOS 10.14 PC. Their latest brand operating system has received the following functionality:

  • the improved search system;
  • the ability to sort files by creation date, volume and other parameters;
  • the group calls in FaceTime;
  • the updated Mac App Store.

That’s all for now. We hope that in the following year the legendary Apple company will surprise us with even more powerful devices and program products.

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Flexible Keyboard, Air Taxi and ATV: Top Innovations at CES 2019

The international exhibition CES 2019 ended a few days ago in Las Vegas. It not only proved that the future is coming, but also showed exactly how it will look.

ATV Made by Hyundai

The South Korean company presented not only the world’s first navigation system with the holographic augmented reality (AR), but also presented the Elevate – electric vehicle with the wheels on folding chassis. They allow a person to significantly increase the permeability of the car. This variant is positioned as a profitable option for rescuers, it can also be used by people in uniform: the police, the military, or the extremists.

Royole Flexible Keyboard

Royole, a company which produces flexible electronics, unveiled its new keyboard at the Las Vegas show. In fact, this is a film with printed symbols that is drawn out of the case. The latter is the thing which allows to transport the keyboard compactly.

Electric Bell Nexus Air Taxi

Bell’s hyrbid-electric propulsion aircraft, Nexus Air Taxi, made a killing among viewers. The car on six fans takes off and lands in a vertical position. In the future, the company plans to create all-electric and hybrid versions.

Smartphone Huawei Honor View 20

We can say that Huawei managed to outshine even the technology giant Samsung at CES 2019. While the South Korean company announced the release of a new smartphone from the Galaxy line, the Huawei product gathered many curious viewers at the exhibition.

The new Huawei Honor View 20 combines a 48-megapixel camera with Sony IMX586 matrix, a 3D ToF depth sensor, an eight-core 7-nanometer Kirin 980 chipset with a dual NPU neural computing module to accelerate artificial intelligence tasks. Do you like such a filling?

LG Signature OLED TV R

LG, the market leader in large-format OLED panels, unveiled the first roll-up TV. It is designed in the form of a curbstone soundbar (100-watt, with support of Dolby Atmos). There is a 65-inch flexible TV inside.

The experience of watching something on them is closer to the real cinema that any other company could get to so far. See it for yourself:

Impossible Burger 2.0

A new generation of biochemical hamburgers was introduced by Impossible Foods at CES 2019. Vegan burger contains synthetic meat, which is actually difficult to distinguish from the origin. That is what people who tried it said about this innovation.

Replacing the main component of the meat version of the Impossible Burger 1.0, gluten from wheat to soy protein, the creators changed the structure of the patties. They have become tougher and after heat treatment it is chewed like real meat.

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YouTube Will Remove All Videos with Dangerous Pranks and Challenges

The video content platform YouTube revised and restricted its policy regarding the content allowed to be published. From now on, you cannot upload videos that contain pranks or challenges that may bring harm or be life-threatening.

We’ve updated our external guidelines to make it clear that challenges like the Tide pod challenge or the Fire challenge, that can cause death and/or have caused death in some instances, have no place on YouTube,” is mentioned in the official post.

The YouTube channel owners will be given 2 months to review and alter their content, afterwards the videos found unfit by the moderators will be deleted from the platform.

It is believed that such drastic measure were taken after the video of a boy who crashed car while participating in the Bird Box Challenge.

Bird Box is a movie, starring Sandra Bullock, where the characters had to wear blindfolds to protect themselves from monsters who made all humans kill themselves in case of a direct eye contact.

After the movie came out, the Bird Box Challenge started, which basically involved walking around in a blindfold. The challenge caused a lot of harm and damage, so that even the creators of the movie asked people to stop it.

Pranks with a perceived danger of serious physical injury that make victims believe they’re in serious physical danger” will also be prohibited on YouTube. This was required by the psychologists working with the moderators.

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Google Is Removing Apps That Require User Info

It is already 2019, and this year cyber criminals and scammers are working on their evil plans for this year. Meanwhile, companies tend to pay more attention and allocate more funding for cyber security and strengthen the protection on the people’s information.

Google is also quite concerned with the privacy of its users. It is going to remove all applications from its Play Store that require the users to provide their personal information, like SMS and call log data.

According to the official blog post:

Our new policy is designed to ensure that apps asking for these permissions need full and ongoing access to the sensitive data in order to accomplish the app’s primary use case, and that users will understand why this data would be required for the app to function.”

This new policy was first announced in October of 2018, and all app developers were given 3 months to alter the applications or submit the Permissions Declaration Form.

The restriction will concern not only “foreign” apps, but also the applications developed by Google itself.

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Huawei Is Coming at Samsung and Its Phone Galaxy 10

South Korean Samsung is currently the world’s biggest smartphone producer with the largest volume of sales. It is followed closely by Chinese Huawei and the US Apple. However, the competition between the first two is becoming more and more intense.  

While Samsung and Apple are suffering sales reductions, Huawei keeps it moving and puts out new devices at much cheaper prices which makes other phone makers quite nervous.

Actually, during the technological expo CES 2019, Huawei managed to outshine Samsung. While the South Korean giant announced the release of a new phone in the iconic Galaxy series, it’s the Huawei’s development that turned out to be the best smartphone at the exhibition.

The new Huawei Honor View 20 has a lot of cutting edge unique features that by no aspect concede to Samsung. Meanwhile, the price of the device is significantly lower (to be more specific, two times lower: the former – around 400 dollars, the latter – around 800 dollars).


Despite the common misconception about Chinese smartphone, Huawei has always kept it on the high level. Its earlier devices, such as Huawei P20 Pro or Mate 20 Pro, impressed the users with its good quality.

Thus, Samsung now has to outrun not only IPhone X with its face identification, but also Huawei Honor View 20, with its 3D sensor and punch-hole selfie camera setup, in Galaxy 10 to win the buyers to its side.

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New Useful Gadget or Promotional Trick: What Is the WT2 Plus Earphone Translator?

A language barrier is the main cause of disagreements and the reason why people of different nationalities cannot fully communicate. But, besides, a language barrier complicates the lives of many travel lovers. Soon this problem will fall into oblivion, as its solution was suggested by Timekettle company in the form of a new gadget WT2 Plus. Now this device is presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show CES-2019 in Las Vegas.

What is WT2 Plus?

This is a wireless earphone translator, which will become an integral gadget when traveling to foreign countries. The novelty caused a huge interest and made many people wonder: “What is the price of WT2 Plus?”. You can breathe a sigh of relief, because the answer is already there! The cost of WT2 Plus is $ 219.


How does WT2 Plus work?

The earphones support Android and iOS operating platforms. They connect with a mobile device via Bluetooth using the application that allows users to set a language. At the moment, the application supports 20 languages, but in the near future the developers will add another 15.

The feature of the application for WT2 Plus is recognition of various accents. For example, the application supports 5 accents of English, including Australian English.

Direct use of portable earphones occurs as follows: in order both interlocutors can talk and hear each other, each puts one earphone from the kit on. When talking, the earphones transmit the sound to the smartphone for translation and transferring the translation back to the earphones. The delay in processing and transferring sound takes only 3-5 seconds, depending on a sentence size.

Even though the manufacturer emphasized the possibility of real-time translation as its main advantage, in fact the device is capable of translating only short phrases, the duration of which do not exceed 15 seconds. For example, the gadget can not be used for continuous translation of a film in a foreign language.

Regardless of the headphones’ being wireless, they will not catch environing phrases and translate them due to the built-in “Touch” mode, which allows you to use WT2 Plus in crowded places.

The earphones themselves are stored in a pocket-case that resembles Apple’s AirPods case. The earphones are charged from the case. Each earphone has a 110 mA battery, and the case battery capacity is 320 mA. Full charge of the earphones takes 90 minutes. The case works for two weeks without recharging, it is enough for two recharges of each earphone.

The manufacturer plans to increase the accuracy of the WT2 Plus translation to 95%. The translation requires access to the Internet, since it is carried out through Google and Microsoft cloud servers.

Gadget Hits and Misses of 2018

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Hyundai and WayRay Released A Holographic Augmented-reality Navigation System

At CES 2019 Hyundai and WayRay presented the result of their collaboration, which is the world’s first holographic augmented-reality (AR) navigation system.

According to Hyundai News, the latest generation navigation system will project real-time navigation prompts and supporting information onto the windshield via bright and accurate holographic images. For example, while the vehicle is moving, the system may warn of a potential hazard.

Both sides will continue to cooperate for further development of the holographic technology, which will allow using it not only during normal drives, but also when walking and cycling for pedestrians and cyclists accordingly. It is also planned to implement such advanced features as ADAS and Highway Driving Assistant (HDA).

“This demo car is the first step of the proof of concent (PoC), but is an important step towards technology driven innovation. Future mobility windshields will be more than just a piece of glass. AR holographic powered glass will serve as a platform to provide new services and open up new in-vehicle experiences”,  – shared the CEO of WayRay.

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