Breaking: Nintendo Specialists Develop Two New Versions of Switch
According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo specialists are currently working to create two new products at once. They may be submitted very soon - in the summer of 2019. There is information that the company will show the budget and flagship versions of the Switch. The first will be a replacement for the already outdated Nintendo 3DS, it will not support the unique vibration function, and will not have branded Joy-Con removable controllers. According to the source, the older model will receive significant improvements that are not limited to increased productivity and improved graphics. It is worth noting that the current Nintendo 3DS console runs on the outdated four-year Tegra X1 processor from Nvidia. The new console from the Japanese company Nintendo can be compared with the lineup from PlayStation: the budget version of the Switch has a lot in common with the PlayStation Vita and the flagship version - with the PlayStation 4 Pro. Most likely the new consoles will be represented in June, at the world exhibition E3. There is no information about the price of new products yet. Recall that more than 32 million consoles from the company Nintendo have already been sold in the world for now. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: